St. John Bosco GAC prides itself of being an integral part of the local community and sporting scene around the Meadow area for over 50 years.

The Club is absolutely horrified by the recent scenes of anti-social behaviour. The events are violent and very upsetting to see and are to be condemned in the strongest words possible.

Our hearts go out to the local residents who are having to endure this anti-social behaviour – life is tough enough at the moment during this Covid crisis and local people should not be suffering more at the hands of mindless gangs who are perpetrating this criminal damage and violent behaviour.

The perpetrators are shaming and letting themselves down as well as their families, their schools, their neighbourhood and any sporting clubs they might have links to. We strongly agree with the sentiments of a letter from one of the local High Schools addressed to the parents of their pupils.

Parents do you know where your kids are particularly at night-time? Please check their whereabouts on a daily basis – they are your responsibility.

Remember that good kids can be misled by the friends they keep and come under severe pressure to join any anti-social behaviour. Do you want your kids to end up with a criminal record?

Finally, any children taking part in this anti-social behaviour and are members of St. John Bosco GAC will be subject to the GAA disciplinary procedures for discrediting the Association and penalties can include lengthy suspension from games and other Club activities.